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Dick and Stewart is a pilot (and series of planned shorts) set in either Britain’s dismal past or the Britain that’s soon to come. It's hard to tell nowadays, isn't it? Either way, just imagine what it would be like if childrens’ TV programmes were written by George Orwell or Franz Kafka. Or the government itself.


The stories follow the adventures of the eponymous Dick and an eyeball, which is all that’s left of his best friend, Stewart, following an accident.


While each episode addresses a different dystopian but topical subject, such as propaganda, civil defense, ‘fake news’, gaslighting and other forms of governmental corruption currently blighting western politics, the pilot episode, which is called ‘I Spy with my Little Eye’, concerns surveillance, an unsurprising theme given that the European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that the UK government's bulk interception of data was against human rights.


It’s written, animated and directed by me, produced by Andy Starke of Rook Films (A Field in England, Free Fire, In Fabric) and read by Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh, Flowers, Killing Eve). Music by Concretism.


"Room 101 meets Watch With (Big) Mother"

- The Sunday Times

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