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Photograph by Nik Strangelove

I'm a writer and graphic artist who was once described by Edward Snowden as "This guy, who apparently saw the future".


I'm the creator of Scarfolk, a viral internet art project, which has also spawned two books and a range of other items.


I started out as a graphic designer in the early 1990s when I took my first job storyboarding two BBC drama series, Kinsey and Virtual Murder. I went on to work in computer/console games and interactive design, working on projects for Jamiroquai, Sony, Electronic Arts, Marlboro, BBC, MTV, Disney, HSBC, Channel 4, Nike, Pepsi, yU+co, and Adidas among others.


As a freelancer I've worked on a variety of projects: album covers for artists such as Concretism and Enter Shikari, book jackets for academic book series, posters, interactive TV (Two Way TV), web design, digital image restoration, and fashion brand design (Alice's Pig).

In addition to the Scarfolk books, I have also written screenplays and articles. More about that here.


I've lived in the UK, US, Russia, Ireland, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland, where I currently reside.

If you have a project in mind that might suit me, contact me here.

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