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In addition to my two Scarfolk books, six episodes of Dick & Stewart, and a Scarfolk TV pilot, I've also had commissions for several feature-length screenplays and treatments, many of them for the now-defunct Major Films in Germany, who also optioned my feature-length, art-world satire, Artifice. During my eight years with Major Films, I wrote Beatrice, a neo-noir, The Captive Lake, about the Dambusters raid from a German perspective, The Green Man, a supernatural drama set in rural Ireland, and a handful of treatments; everything from rom-coms to thrillers.

For yU+co in Hong Kong, I wrote a fantasy feature animation treatment based on Chinese mythology called The Story of River and another treatment for a children's fantasy called Into the Forest.  I also wrote trailer scripts for a couple of Jackie Chan movies: Chinese Zodiac and The Shinjuku Incident.


My spec comedy script, My Wife's Next Husband, placed in the quarter- and semi-finals of the Kaos Films' British Feature Screenplay, Scriptapalooza, and Blue Cat Screenwriting competitions

Screenwriting industry courses attended: Producer Bruce Block's 'Visual Structure' (UCLA extension/Fetac); Linda Aronson's 'Non-Linear Narrative' (UCLA extension/Fetac); TV drama development (D. Nevins, S. Timberland, E. Redlich, A. Pharoah); business for screenwriters; and an adaptation masterclass with Jean-Claude Carriere.

I've also written articles for publications including The Telegraph, The Independent and The American Bystander, and a new introduction to the novel Diary of a Country Prosecutor by Tawfik Al-Hakim (Saqi Books, 2023)

In addition, I've been a freelance script consultant, academic copy editor, and I give talks at festivals such as the Wigtown Book Festival; and university and college and conferences, including the Creative Voices Programme at Coventry UniversityPearson College, London, Horrifying Children: Hauntology and the Legacy of Children’s Fictions at York St John University, and, most recently Darkness in the Fields 2.

I have a handful of ideas that I'm developing for new screenplays and new books, both fiction and non-fiction. If you think you have a project that might interest me, mail me or my agent, Juliet Pickering, who represents me at the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency. 

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