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Woodcut/Linocut Tests

For a long time, I've wanted to be able to simulate linocuts in software. Not simply to re-create the look, but also to create an authentic process whereby the making of the digital image itself required a similar hand action with a tool, in this case a Wacom pen.

So, I created a working template that also includes a configurable light source to highlight the 1000s of little cuts and gouges that result. Here are some initial tests:

Wanting to recreate the style of medieval woodcuts, I based this one on a photograph I took during lockdown of me wearing a plague doctor mask and fedora. The owl hand puppet is of 'Kak' a character from Scarfolk. It will be published in the Halloween edition of The American Bystander magazine.

This is the first single I owned, given to me by a friend of my father.

I was going through a phase of listening to albums by Ornette Coleman, so thought I would attempt a portrait in this style.

And this is, well, a medieval crocheted poodle toilet-roll cover, which I christened 'Godfrey' and pretended was in the holdings of the British Library.

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