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Scarfolk Annual 197X (William Collins, 2019)

"The Scarfolk Annual 197X is the facsimile of a children's annual discovered in a charity shop in the north west of England in 2018. It is, to date, the only complete artefact from Scarfolk ever to be unearthed ‘in the wild’.

It’s clear The Scarfolk Annual was not written to entertain children at Christmastime; its purpose was to indoctrinate young minds; in fact, one might go as far as to say destroy young minds, to an end that has been lost to us..."


“Deceptively simple... an unpredictably wonderful, brilliant piece of political satire”

- Cory Doctorow

"The blackest of black humour. One of 'the year's most essential books'"

- The Daily Mail

“Now you have a whole new reason to be scared. The Scarfolk Annual is essential reading”

- Fortean Times

"The Scarfolk Annual demands that you read it multiple times to decode every secret inside it. It’s beautifully built to conjure a hilarious yet sinister world built on the foundations of Britain’s genre fiction. It’s so well-constructed that it will catch out those who only look at things for their face value. A brilliant work of satire instead of a novelty. It’s thoroughly dark, dark stuff, but there’s an incredible sense of depth, especially mirroring the politics of our current decade. Mandatory Enjoyment."

- The Quietus

"Littler’s narrative voice is as singular and sublimely witty as [Douglas] Adams’ was, and his observations through Scarfolk are as on target and inventively addressed as anything in the Hitchhiker’s Guide series. But in adding the visual element to his satire — a crucial element, I should add — he translates the sensibility to a 21st Century audience in a way that no other writer descended from Adams has come close to achieving.  Littler’s attention to detail within the visual element is remarkable, revealing an impressive ability to make jokes visually that are equal to the words...  the feelgood totalitarian guidebook of the year!

- The Beat

"Always a joy to see their little faces darken on the morning of December 25th when they unwrap the Scarfolk Annual"

- Ian Rankin

"Bloody funny. Littler's detail, artwork and tone are superlative."

- PROG Magazine

"Funny nostalgia from a parallel universe not entirely unlike ours."

- Al Murray

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