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Potato/Monkey Jesus Stained-Glass Window

If you have seen my woodcuts/linocuts, and Scarfolk for that matter, you'll realise that, whether 1970s or 1670s, I'm obsessed with re-creating historical imagery.

Stained-glass windows have always fascinated me, so I set about trying to work out how to reproduce the pictorial art form digitally with its complex details: soldered metal strips (called 'came'), decorative paints (or rather enamels, as I learned), coloured and warped glass, the patina produced by hundreds of exposure to the elements, and light, of course.

I chose Potato/Monkey Jesus as a subject matter because I believe he deserves far more respect than he has received. For a first attempt, I'm quite pleased with the result, particularly because some people believed it to be a genuine, real-world object.

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